Is organic farming in Oregon really a vacation plan? I have been wanting to hit the road with my boyfriend for quite some time, as it has been nearly a year since we took more than a weekend trip, but when I prodded him for ideas, the one he hit me with was definitely eye opening. He wants to go tour, visit, and even help organic farms in the state of Oregon.

I am certainly aware of how many organic farms there are in the state of Oregon, because that’s where he buys almost all of his food from. I do admit that I love the food, and I certainly love all the cooking he can do with it. His recipes are amazing, and I have felt a lot healthier and better about myself since I started eating at his place regularly. Still, do I need to vacation where my food is from? We met a guy who owns a lawn service company in Minneapolis, Worry Free Lawn Care, who goes camping a lot and we got talking about organic farming. Three hours later, well, we learned a lot from that guy. Thanks Chris!

I may wind up compromising with my boyfriend, seeing if we can do an Oregon trip that alternates between the organic farms he wants to visit and some points of interest that I would like to see. I have old friends that moved to Bend.