I have been hearing that Oregon is actually a high ranking state in terms of organic farming. This is one of the many reasons why I am looking at starting a local community farming group where some of the people in my community can get involved with growing some incredible produce.

Farming is not something that I have been actively involved in, so the more information that I can gather on the best way to get started, the better off I will be. Even if we are able to start in on some container gardening before diving into larger scale gardens, it will probably give our group somewhat of an idea on what areas we may still need work, etc.

Is there some sort of grant that groups like mine can get to start in on organic farming in Oregon? I think that even just a little bit of guidance will be a nice way to point us in the right direction and we can really only start growing from here. I am basically looking for any and all information that I can get on starting an organic farm, what I should be looking for in terms of soil and seeds, etc.